Are you new to triathlon?

Race Orientation

Join us for our complementary adult race orientation session at 2:00 PM on Saturday March 16th, 2024 at Ron Andrews Rec Centre where we will cover:

  • Course orientation
  • What to expect in the swim. Come prepared to swim so you can experience the race-day swim format live!
  • What to expect on the bike
  • What to expect on the run
  • Tips for effective training

If you plan to attend the March 16th orientation session please register using the form to the right. This session is focused on the Adult Age Group race. You are welcome to ask questions about the Kids of Steel event but it is not part of the agenda.

Transition and Kids Race Orientation

Join us at 2:00 PM (Kids) and 3:00 PM (Adults) on Sunday May 19, 2024 at Ron Andrews Rec Centre for:

  • A complete transition setup overview with tips and tricks to make your race more enjoyable
  • A transition area review including entries and exits, traffic flow, timing, etc.
  • A complete Kids of Steel event walkthrough for our youngest competitors and their parents – highly recommended for anyone who has not previously done the event

There is no need to register for this session.

Race Orientation Registration